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Need Help in N.C.

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I Need help building a reverse flow smoker I live a little South of Danville Va . Heve a 300 gal. tank and a 30 gal water heater tank pos of trailer to go under it . Need help please

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Wish Rio Grand or Pineywoods were here to help

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They will be around soon there Otter. Well first I think that you need a plan of attack. I would start with a torch and cut a hole in the big tank........Yea maybe you need Jerry and Jeff my shirt says Drywall on the back of it.......LOL

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Get down into the smoker build section and post up there.

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Heck just load it all up and go visit Jeff he has all the cool toys to help ya out. Maybe while your there you can get him to build his too I know he has a tank or two

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