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Second round of Brisket w/Qview (hopefully)

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My wife enjoyed my brisket last weekend that she decided to buy me 2 to smoke for her this weekend.  Much the same process with Billbo's rub and then on the grill with some mesquite chunks.


Took quite a while longer to cook this time around.  I think because I got the oven thermometer I was able to keep the cooking temps down to around 250 vs trying to get the grill thermometer to stay at 250 (which is more like 300+).


Turned out ok.  I think it finally took about 8 hours.  The smoke ring is great but I think I might have used a little too much mesquite.  The smoke flavor is kinda strong for me (but still good).  My 3 yr old said it was the best sausage he had ever eaten, so he must have liked it :-)  Guess I will just have to keep trying till I get it perfect (for me).

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Once again my Qview didn't work, I don't know what I'm doing wrong.  I'll try another way...



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Looks awesome with a nice smoke ring Mesquite is just too strong a flavor for me

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I bought a bag of Hickory chunks the same time I bought the Mesquite so I think I will try that next time.  Still tastes good, but it's even better with some bbq sauce on it now too.

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Me to piney. Erod try hickory or pecan next time.
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I love Mesquite on brisket and chicken; but, yeah, it's too strong for some people.  Hickory works great on anything.  I just got some Pecan sticks and have some ribs going with that right now.  It smells pretty awesome!


Your brisket looks great, btw, nice and juicy.  Did you foil it and/or spritz it?

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No foil, just spritz once an hour.  Seems to work good.  I think I just used too many chunks at once.  Last time I used chips and they burned up quickly so I threw about 3 chunks on this time and I think they just lasted longer and let the flavor sink in more.

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Your brisket looks great and the smoke ring is awesome too.

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