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Hey guys,


New to the forums and I could use some help.


First off this is the grill/smoker I got:


I've smoked numerous briskets, ribs, chickens etc but that was all on a charcoal grill where I had the meat in the middle with the 2 side fires going with wood chunks on top. I am experienced with the times and temperatures I need on the meat just not with a side firebox.


I was curing the smoker tonight and was really surprised at how hot the main chamber got! It jumped up to 300-350 for awhile.


About how much charcoal/wood chunks do I need to get keep it at 2-250?

On the firebox how wide do I want to keep the side vent?

When adding more charcoal...when do I want to do that and how much? 

Do I need to start the new coals in my chimney starter or can I throw them on top of the still lit coals?


I know that was a lot of info and questions so any and all help will be greatly appreciated!


Thanks guys