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Need Advise

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Looking to purchase a smoker that was built by a friends neighbor. The main cooking chamber is a 80 or 85 gallon air tank and the fire box is approx. 16-18" round and approx 40" inches long. He has two 4" pipes going into the the main cooking chamber to the left and right of center of the main cooking chamber. Do you think this would provide enough/correct heat to the main chamber.  Will try to get some pictures tomorrow to post.

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Forgot to mention that the fire box is on the back side of the main chamber.



Here is a bad sketch of it!!!!




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I really couldnt tell you if it will let enough heat in , smoke should be okay . Best thing is to get the guy to let you try it out ,even if it's at his place.make sure you test the grate temps at each end of the smoker and at various other points atop the grate.

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