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Originally Posted by SyberSteve View Post

I changed aluminum foil and thoroughly leaned out inside of Trager unit because last time I cooked chicken thighs the unit burst into flames and burnt chicken to crisp. Thought it might be too much grease on aluminum foil.


So I smoked 16 chicken thighs again today.  The 3 hour smoking part went great. Then set heat to 300 for 30 minutes. After 25 minutes I saw smoke billowing out of unit, opened it up and again it burst into flames -- and again all of my chicken has turned to charcoal.


It was definitely a grease fire that became intense when lid open and exposed to oxygen.

Why would the grease build up -- shouldn't it melt and go into the pot?


I recommended Trager to my neighbor and they recently bought unit at Costco. . Same thing happened to them on Thanksgiving with a turkey. It went up in flames and was uneditable. 


Is there a design defect or are we doing something wrong?

 The first time I put foil in the pan I forgot to punch a hole for the drippings to run down and out, also do you have the pan at an angle. Sorry for the simple questions but don't see how the drippings can not run down.  I also mold tin foil around the outside of the pail, then insert it in the pail, helps with clean up.

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My traeger actually caught fire all by itself. I usedmy grill 3 days prior, then shut off the switch and dial. Yhen last weekend my wife and i were smelling got worse by the minute. We looked outside to see what neighbors house was on fire. Instead, my wife said. Our traeger was smoking so much on its own and the original circuit board was blinking on its own. We unplugged the machine, opened the lid and the grill, cover, lid,lower pellet cover were warped from heat and the powdercoating on the lid was blistered. I wrote to traeger and sent pics. Without question, they sent me a new bbq in the mail and they told me to remove the main front control board and send it to there a recall or fire danger from this older board? The board on this grill did not have the cooldown features next tovthe x dial. Hmmmmm, anyone got a housefire????:
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So what did Traeger say when you called them about your grill catching fire and torching your paint? This happened to me.

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Did you call Traeger? if so , what did they say?

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Help! We started the grill as usual, came out 10 mins later and grill in flames. Looks like pellets overflowed. We cleaned it up and turned it on. Is this what the flame does, shoot out like this? We just thought it was in the box. Also smoking out of side box where pellets go.
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Same thing happened to mine. Filled the bottom with pellets looked like a bed of hot campfire coals, Entire chamber paint bubbled off melted the thermos blanket pretty much destroyed a $500 smoker. Have lots of photos of destroyed smoker available.  Traeger's response, sorry out of warranty.

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Mine just caught fire and the pot was totally empty when I turned it to smoke - 'cause I just painted it from when it caught fire about a month ago. Very little coming to eat in 4 hours.
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This might be a sign from above that it is time for a new smoker. 

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Originally Posted by old sarge View Post

This might be a sign from above that it is time for a new smoker. 



Worked out fine in the end.   Just a little stressful for a bit.

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Good that all is well.
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