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Sad news Ron help me out with my past projects on my MES. He will be greatly missed.

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Erain, you did it up right for Ron. Congrats and thanks too.

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Your tribute was perfect.  I had stepped away from the site for awhile: family visiting, school year starting, and MES quitting.  I received my replacement MES (BTW the Masterbuilt Customer Service is great) and returned to SMF for ideas.  I was stunned and saddened to learn of Ron's passing.  He was a true master and always quick with ideas and encouragement.  Even my failures he saw as "successes in the works".  It shocked the hubs to know I felt comfortable calling a complete stranger, until hubby reaped the rewards of Ron's advice.


Thanks again, Erain.  And to Ron: Buddy, you will be missed.  Watch over my MES and help me keep it a Thin Blue Smoke.

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just thought i would bump this up for my old friend... was a year ago yesterday.
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I have to beleive that there is a great smoke fest going on upstairs. Terry , Rich adn Ron are smling down on us while standing near some TBS - RIP my brothers


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Dang, its not hard to be sad!


They wouldn't like that, tho!


Lets all fire up the smoker tomorrow and enjoy some football.


I think they would like that.


R.I.P. my friends!

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Originally Posted by Venture View Post

Dang, its not hard to be sad!


They wouldn't like that, tho!


Lets all fire up the smoker tomorrow and enjoy some football.


I think they would like that.


R.I.P. my friends!

you are absolutly correct brother.... if i wasnt going to be gone to LOTW this w/e i would definetly be doing up either some RonP reverse sear rib eyes, or mebe some cured chicken thighs... and yup ck out post 22... sheesh
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RIP friends. You are missed.

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I enjoyed this thanks for bring it back...I liked Ron he was a good smoker and nothing fancy just good smoking...

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Thanks for bumping this Erain!


RIP RonP & Rich---The clouds in the Heavens seem to appear more like TBS today, than the old shades of grey & white.




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Boy that year went fast. RIP Ron.

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Great job Erain!!!!  I don't know how I missed this last year..... Ron was a great friend and I sure do miss talkin with him on the phone.... He was always comin up with somethin wild and new.... I miss you buddy!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif   RIP

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Still have him on my voicemail. Smokin just aint the same without the Ron Man.....

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I never joined the forum until after Ron had passed, but it was Ron's old posts that sold me on this forum & convinced me to get my MES.  Even after he's gone, he's still passing on his wisdom.

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Very nice tribute! The only thing missing was me getting a chance to know RonP, but from all the pics and respect/love that everyone had for him I am sure of one thing... He was one hell of a guy/cook!



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Think i'll smoke some cheetos!!!

And dip em in some yoshidas.

 RIP  Ron Terry and Rich.

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It looks like I missed out on some advice form a great person, thankfully there are so many more like him here to keep this all alive and going. This is a great pictorial tribute to what seems like a helpful contributor here. Thank you for sharing.

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Wow that year went fast. I've sent a lot of smoke to the heavens since then thanks to Ron and Rich. RIP buddies.

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Thanks for Bumping this.

Don't know how I missed it before.


2 great men that will be missed by many.


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It's still hard to believe that one year has passed since my friend and mentor has been gone. Almost everynight, my wife would answer the phone and tell me that Ron was calling. I bought the 40" MES because of Ron and of course I got the extended warranty from SAM'S. In an eerie moment, I remembered when he died on the 1st Sunday in Sept. The 1st Sunday in Sept. of 2011, I had to go to the hospital ER and ended up in ICU for 3 days for a heart condition. The not so funny thing was that I used to get mad at him for not taking care of himself; in fact the last telephone conversation we had I gave him hell for not following the MDs orders. On Monday, I realized that I was doing all the things that he did. So for you RonP, I will do what you did not, follow my DRs orders.


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