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first timer- peppers not done

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i have tried these twice now

same problem both times

after 2 hr on smoker or after 1/2 hr on gas grill on low-- bacon was done fine but peppers were too raw - still crisp (crunchy?)


does anyone parboil or precook the jalapenos before stuffing?

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What temp? I've had the opposite experience - the peppers are kinda mushy and have no punch and the bacon's not yet done after two hours at 250. Someone had suggested I precook the bacon a bit!



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Agree, what temp?  Usually the problem is mushy peppers and undone bacon.  In this case get cheaper thin bacon and or just slightly precook it before hand.  I used to have this problem, but now I do mine as "boats/canoes" and just lay a small piece of bacon over the top instead of wrapping it around.  Still plenty of flavor and I can taste a little more pepper.

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Now I always have more things in my smoker when I'm doing Abt's so I just leave them in the smoker till there are kinda soft that way everything gets good and melted and some of the heat cooks out of the japs. But where is the Q-view??? If you will can you swing into Roll Call and introduce yourself and your equipment properly and we say howdy in our way too. 

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temp is 230 on the smoker

it's a bullet water smoker Brinkmann

after 2 hrs the bacon is plenty done


i tried this with 1/2 of a dove breast since this was opening weekend of dove season

don't want to overcook the dove breast



dove-ok (perfect-medium rare)

pepper under-cooked

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I use a thicker bacon, so when it is done, the peppers are sure to be done. Mine usually go 2.5 hours at 230.

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What style are you using? I do boat or canoe and use thin bacon for a couple hours at 230 and they come out great

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When you mentioned the smoking temp, my first thought would be to ask if the therm has been calibrated. And is it near grate/rack level? This could give you a different reading.

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