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Rib advice needed

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I am making ribs for opening day at Giants Stadium. I go the 3-2-1 method. The plan is to smoke 3 hours then foil for 2 more hours the night before the game then stop and keep overnight. Then reheat and add sauce for those who want it on the grill at the game. Just wondering if I should change the cooking times and if refrigerating the ribs overnight will affect them. Thanks in advance for all the advice I know I will get on this forum.

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you should be fine doing it that way.  ive always thought that after the 2 hours foiled the ribs were pretty much ready to go depending on how you like your sauce cooked in.  i normally do 3-2-.5 for spares with the last half hour hitting them twice with sauce.  they are all the way cooked (IMO) after the first 5 hours.


i hope your ribs are the best part of your day, haha. 



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That idea should work great.  I would keep the grill heat relatively low to get a good warm up into the bones.  (Although, cold ribs are great, too!)

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I want to be there. thats gonna be a rockin time. and your plan should work fine

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