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boston butt help

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Hi guys,


I have had a butt in the smoker for the last 14.5 hours. This is only a 6 lb butt so it should have been done long ago. I was not up watching it all night but did check on it every couple of hours so i dont know where the stall was at. I have went from 180 to 185 in the last 4 and 1/2 hours. I repositioned the probe to make sure i wasnt in some fat or something but that didnt make a difference. Any thoughts what i should do with this thing. Keep going? My temps have stayed between 225 and 240 all night. Thanks

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welcome and enjoy

If you have a minute hit roll call

 are you sure your probe is acurate?


check this link out for more help and let us know how things work out

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try this ,instead I hit the wrong link first time

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I agree about your probe. Also, you may want to check your smoker thermometer as well..14.5 hrs for a 6 lb butt is a long time, IMHO.

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have to agree  14+ hours on a 6 lb butt is to long . Either your smoker temps or your meat probe temps have to be off. .

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how does the meat it tender to the touch and if there is a bone will it move freely?

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unless your smoker isn't to temp I would have to say that, that butt is done! Have you boil tested your therm probe?

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