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cleaning a grill

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my grill is a mess. its got old drippings and sh** all along the bottom and tends to draw flies and cockroaches and other critters when its not being used. it sits sometimes weeks at a time. anyway my question is... is it okay to use easy-off or something similar or should i just get in there with a wirebrush and waterhose.  my brother suggested engine degreaser but hes an idiot.

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You can use a lot of things, but some heat, a wire brush, and a hose to rinse could do the job, as long as it's not electric.

If you do use any kind of harsh chemical, you should burn it all off good, before using it again. I wouldn't use anything like that on the food grate though, or anything the food will touch. It also might help to use it more often, those critters hate high heat!




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I had to clean mine recently and I took it apart and washed it real good.  Dove does a good job cutting the grease

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