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Foiling question

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Sorry in advance since I'm sure this has been posted roughly 1000 times but I'm rushing around and have plans to have food on the table at 6. I pulled my butt off of the smoker at 205 and was curious to know how long I can leave this in the cooler and wrapped for. I want to pull this as close to 6 as possible and not reheat it. 

Thanks again guys!
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foiled and wrapped in towles in a cooler . I've had them still hot after 5-6 hoours

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When well insulated, they will hold heat for several hours. Just foil tight, cover with towels, and keep the cooler closed. It's all good my friend.

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After 5 hours you're pushing it when I kept them in the cooler.

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Foil tightly and place it on a bed of towels in the cooler.  Stick a probe in it and run the wire to the outside of the cooler.  Cover with more towels and slam the lid.  Grab a cold beer and monitor the internal meat temp at your leisure.


Good luck and enjoy!

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