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:drooling: I want some... nice lookin' little snack Cowgirl 

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It figures! Today of all days, I go to the store and there are no Anaheims or Poblano's. What they did have though is nice big Jalapeno's!(almost the size of Poblano peppers).


So I come home with a dozen, and I hear my boys. "We want Chili tonight!!!


So, now I've got a pot of chili cookin', but I think I'm still going to try the Chiles Rellenos anyway.


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That's great!  I hope they turn out well for you. :)  The batter has no salt so the sauce is a must.... (in my opinion).  

Another tip... after spooning batter over the frying rellenos.... you can spoon a bit of hot oil on top to "set" the batter. It makes turning them over even easier.


Good luck with them! :)

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Oh my goodness them look friggin' amazing.

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Jeannie for president - oh no that would not allow you time to post these awesome foods

Jeannie for Smoking Queen - Thanks for another incredible post  

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Thanks everybody!  Terry... okay... set the date  . lol.

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I am always amazed when I open up this gals threads, simply mouth watering! I am going to have to get a backup hard drive for my to-do list soon.....

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beautifully done

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Awesome Job!  

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