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I have 2 40" MES's for sale $300

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Looking to offload both of them for one price. I am not getting the results I like so I am moving to a UDS.


The one that is all stainless stopped heating. I figured it for dead and my wife bought a new one. I later learned these things are noturious for a wiring issue that is a pretty simple fix so this may be all that's wrong with it as the display still works. Not guaranteeing anything. It has had a lot of smokes ran through it but I will have it as clean as possible.


The other one works fine. It has a stainless door and a black cabinet. It has the window in the door and a built in meat probe. It has had only 4 smokes, one of those was to season it. The chip loader had that divider in it but it got hung up in the smoker and I had to force it out damaging the divider. I simply tack welded a half circle piece in place making the loader work the same as before.


Both smokers have little dings or scratches, I swear they ship that way, but are in good shape otherwise. Well except the one that quit working.


Ask any questions you have. I feel it is a good price for them both even with the one not heating. If it is a simple wire fix you could have 2 nice smokers for the price of one.


Smokers are in Topeka. I can deliver for a fee.






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I would suggest that before you give up completely you get an A MAZE N SMOKER and give it a try- almost everyone who had tiried it swears by it. I have one that I use in my SmokinTex and I love it - just a thought they are only $30 

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I have gotten good results, just not consistently good. I got into smoking with the MES due to ease of use but I want to go more with a wood / charcoal fuel source now. I briefly thought about propane but I choose to grill with charcoal over propane because I like the flavor more, so I figure the same must be true about smoking. I would keep my electrics but the other issue is money. I have these 2 smokers that were rather expensive purchases and if I want to build a UDS or reverse flow I need to sell these or so says my wife. :o)  I know you can build a UDS on the cheap, but I have a few ideas to take it to a higher level and ideas take money.

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Great offer , great price, but if i was in need of one the shipping would kill me.

Good luck on the sale.


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Offloading your MES!


I dropped you a PM




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Did you sell them yet? I might be interested in them...

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i be interested in one, too and i would go with the AMNS for cold smokes

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