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My first Tri Tip, with Qview

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 Ahh, a rare weeknight smoke:) Dillons had tri tips on sale, I have been reading about them away we go!


I lightly seasoned the meat with little bit of EVOO, cracked pepper, and a little garlic salt.

Smoked over apple at 275 for only about 90 minutes to get the internal temp to 135. I then tossed it on a hot gas grill for about one minute per side. Let er rest, and then we chowed down. The roast weighed about 2.5 pounds, and it was all devoured. Isabel beagle also got a share!!!


Tri Tip in smoker 8-31-2010.jpg


Tri Tip ready to slice 8-31-2010.jpg


Sliced tri tip 8-31-2010.jpg


dinner is served 8-31-2010.jpg


Another piece please!!! 8-31-2010.jpg


That tri tip is so MINE 8-31-2010.jpg

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Give it to her even.... LOL It looks like if make her wait to long, her eyes are gonna pop out.


OMG dinner looks completely and totally fabulous. Gonna have to do one of those one day soon.

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That is just the way I like my tritip cooked - great job man and quit teasing the poor dog LOL

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Hehe those two photos with the dog were not the same piece of meat:) She enjoyed several choice bites :)

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