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Re-using Smoking chips/chunks

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Does anyone have an opinion for using burnt chips in the smoker. I have left over chips that didn't burn up in the smoking process. Do you think is a waste or can this been re-used?

They seem to have some good smoke still left in them.


I hate throwing stuff away.




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I'd say it depends on how long they've been sitting, I've used what was left in my chip box and added some fresh chips to it, but that was just 2 days later, and i didn't have any issues.

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I guess you can re-use them if their not totoally burnt. Heck give it shot but I always just dump them and go on.

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As far as I know, as long as they still work----Do It!

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Give it a shot - if you don't like the way they smell or burn dump them out - ya really got nothing to loose

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when I've used chunks or large charcoal, I just "put out" what didn't burn with a bit of water and waste not, want not.

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