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Second Batch of bacon

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About a month age I thought I would try to make some bacon.  I picked up the Charcuterie book by Michael Ruhlman and Brian Polcyn.  I followed there advice and made some bacon.  My wife thought it was the best she had tasted.  My take, a little too salty.  So a week ago I picked up another pork belly and try again.  After curing with a salt mixture for a week in the refrigerator, I took it out, rinsed off the salt and soaked it for an hour. Then into the smoker.  Sorry but I didn't have any beginning pics, but here are the results.  This batch was very good and not near as salty!




.smoking bacon.JPG


sliced bacon.JPG

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It sure looks good !!! 




PS: You know you can check if it's too salty before you smoke it. After you soak it, cut a couple slices & fry them. If it's still too salty, soak it for another hour. Do this until you're happy with the salt taste. Then smoke it. This way you won't get a whole batch that is too salty.

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looks good as hell!

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Sure ain't no store bought bacon.

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That's how I found out the 2nd batch needed to be toned down a bit, pre-sliced and fryed up a sample.  My wife likes salt, so she thought they didn't need the extra soak.  I decided to soak for an extra 45 minutes before I smoked it.  I gave a pound to some of our friends and they want to know where to place their order.  They said they never had bacon like that before.  I tend to agree.  It will be hard to buy commercially prepared bacon again,  I will however when I make up some fattys this labor day as I tend to slice the bacon rather thick.

Thanks for the positive comments.

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Welcome to your new addiction - once you make bacon you are hooked - Your next obsession will be sausage - keep inmind that you DO NOT need a stuffer - my first batch was with a funnel and a wooden spoon pushing meat into some casings -


Your bacon looks awesome Congrats man

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Congratulations on your successful Smoke.  Wish I had some right now.  Scarbelly may be on to something when he talks about what may be your next obsession..

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Funny you mention the sausage making.  That has crossed my mind also.  Maybe this winter.....

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