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Im going to need some help

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Hey everyone its been a while since i have been around.  I threw out my back, then got sick with bronchitis, and to top it off, ran a metal plate in my hand, and had to be sewn back together.  Rough few months but here I am.  Anyone after months of research and reading every uds build thread here im ready to give it a shot.  The only problem im stuck with right now, is I could not find a unlined drum.  The one i finally got, has a liner and one time was used for some type of flooring seleant.  Its clean, a farmer was storing saw dust in it for her animals.  So Hopefully if you all dont mind helping me build the uds i appreicate it, and its good to be back.

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Welcome back Brokenwing, sorry to hear of the spell of bad luck. I sure hope things turn around for ya.


I think from what I have read lately, is that sandblasting is the way to go for an easy clean out that isnt to pricey.


If ya run into troubles just ask away.

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ok tom appreciate it, i have to call around and find out who does sandblasting in my area.  Whens its blasted and clean, should be pretty easy to put together.   The only thing that look like a challenge will be the basket.  but one step at a time.

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Man I didn't think about it at the time of my post but I would want to think that in Maryland, with the coast and all that it may not be to terribly hard to find a stainless steel drum. Maybe a thought if the budget isnt to tight.

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body and machine shops would be a good place to check for sand blasting

if you dont want to burn it out check for sand blasting in the yellow pages too

 machine shops could be a place to find expanded metal for your basket ,

 they should have pieces of it from left over jobs

 If it's the red liner inside .I read some where Eay=off oven cleaner

might take it off

 I like to see some one try to see if it works

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tom what do you mean a stainless steel, i was trying to keep this build under a 100.  I could get a barrell from west virgina but the cost of gas, i might as well just get it sandblasted.  Dave easy off never heard of it, but i will look into it.  The Drum should be stainless steel once u get the liner off correct.

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Not stainless, but regular carbon steel.

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Sorry Brokenwing, I was referring to a stainless steel drum. But those types of drums are most likely expensive. Just a normal drum can have a liner, some are red and others have said that they have seen a tan liner. After its out you will be left with plain old carbon steel that will rust quickly if left untreated. A light coat of paint or cooking spray will help prevent the rust.


Easy Off is a kind of oven cleaner.


If the drum has a red liner, its tough to remove. Burning does not remove it totally. From what I have read it only changes just a little bit and then it requires grinding to remove it the rest of the way.

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I Wouldn't use paint on the inside. Give it a good spray or rub of any normal cooking oil.

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Well as soon as i get feeling better, i guess i will try to burn it out.  I called about 10 places in the area that does sandblasting, and they all want over a 100.00 to blast it out.  No way would i spend that so i will do a couple of burns, then i will grind it out if i have too.

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