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Firebox insulation

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I am building a 250 gallon RF trailer unit.  Yesterday my partner and builder got a "smoking" deal on some sheets of 3/16 steel plate.  I want to use it to do a double wall with an insulater between the layers.  Has anyone used sand as an insulater?  I know it's not lite weight, but it's cheap, and I would think it would do well.  Any comments?

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Congrats on the steel score.


I'm not sure if the sand would insulate the box or just be a heat sink.

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If you could find ceramic fiber called Cerwool it would do the trick.we use it here in foundry operations around alot of serious starts out around  2 inches thick but compresses to about a 1/2 inch.just my 2 cents

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Cerwool also known as rock wool or mineral wool would be the ticket.

 Just make sure and wear sleeves and gloves and a dust mask when handleing it.

 Makes the itch from fibrglass seem like a bubble bath.

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Thanks for the replies.  We start cutting metal here in the next couple day's.  I will look for this stuff locally.  It appears to be pretty economical as well.

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Didn't BBQ Engineer do an insulated build when he built Iron Maiden?

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