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Nice Pulled Pork& Ribs w/QView

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Had a successful and interesting (to me, at least) pulled pork experience. For a Saturday party, I decided to do rthe pulled pork Thursday night into Friday and reheat on "game day". I couldn't find a Boston Butt, so I bough a picnic and removed the skin.




I used the last of the Memphis Dust rub I made from a recipe on I'll be trying Jeff's rub next. It sat in the rub about 24 hours.







I put her up to smoke at 225 using hickory. The last two (only two) butts I smoked took close to 18 hours, so I figured I was safe putting it up at 11:00 pm and by the time I would be getting home from work around 3:00 Friday, I'd be getting close to the point where I'd need to keep an eye on things. When I woke up, I checked on her to see how she was doing and was shocked to see she was already at 172! This was going a lot faster than I anticipated. So I lowered the temp to a setting of 180 and went to work. I figured there was no way it was going to hit 200 while I was gone. Anyway, when I got home around 3:00, the smoker temp was 215 and the butt was at 185. I raised the setting back to 225 and around 6:00 it hit 202 and I took her out, wrapped her in foil and a towel and put her into a styrofoam cooler for an hour.




The meat was falling off the bone - it was hard to hold it, but the pulling was easy.





I used the apple cider-based pulled pork finishing sauce from the sticky on this forum. What a terrific flavor. I bagged it and refrigerated it overnight and reheated it in the oven at 280 until it was warm-to-hot.  A couple of my guests had gone to Sylvia's in Harlem for dinner the night before and had their famous pulled pork. I modestly report that they judged mine to be better, tenderer and tastier. But I learned a lesson about timing. (See my post on the supermarket brisket for another lesson learned this weekend about timing!)


The ribs were Costco sourced. I had never removed the membrane on ribs before, but after reading abou it, and thinking of how many times I've had to remove that stuff from between my teeth, I decided to give it a try. A little bit of a PITA, but I think well worth it.




I used the same Memphis Dust rub as the pulled pork. The ribs sat for about 2 and a half days before I started cooking them.







According to the e-course, you cook these babies by taime, so I smoked 'em at 225 for six hours, wrapped 'em in foil and a towel and put them in a styrofoam cooler to wait for the rest of the meal to come together. I was able to use their space in the smoker for my ABTs while the brisket continued to cook.






Anyway, they came out great. Well smoked, juicy and tender. Unfortunately, I was so busy hosting I didn't get a chance to sit down and chow down, so I'm looking forward to left-overs today. All in all a satisfying smokin' experience!

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Excelent looking pork .

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Nice looking smoke!!!


Swift cuts pretty nice hogs.


And Smithfield packs a great fresh ham and shoulder.

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Man, that is a long time, but I see you did not foil the butt. Most of mine will be done on average in 10 to 12 hours, but I like the foil to speed it up and hold in the juices. Great bark on your though.

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Looks fantastic!!! Good job on the smoke!!! I love the colour you got on that picnic... Just the way i like it!!!

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Great job! Beutifull looking pulled pork! A+

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Love the park on that pulled pork

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Thanks for sharing

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