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my DIY pid fan controller

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Built over my fan unit to include a flapper door so that air would be closed when the fan was switched off. 12v Fan is from a PC powersupply I got for free. Will probably change to 110v so I wouldn't need a 12v adapter.









Using this ebay pid $55





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Just curious, what do you use the fan for?  I have thought about adding one to my smoker to help maintain temperature. 


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I am running one on a SSRF build i have going on now blowing air through fire box to control cooking temp still working on this concept.

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That is nice.  I have been thinking about doing the same thing for a drum smoker. Just haven't got around to it yet!



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You find out how to program that sucker, please let me know. I have one similar. Starting a new class tonight and I am going to hunt my process control instructor for help. There are settings that need to be made that are not  in the instructions

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