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Babybacks...splitting 2-2-1 over two days?

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I'm having family over for BBQ this Saturday.  They're dying for some smoked babybacks, as a few have tried mine and want them again, but the problem is everyone is out together until late afternoon...then some others are coming over for the BBQ.  So, I'll have 2-3 hours tops before I need to start serving food.


I was thinking of smoking babybacks 2-2-1, and removing them after they're done in foil (the second "2").  Then, let cool, and refridgerate.  That way, the next day...I can pull from the fridge, let warm up for 30 minutes or so at room temp, and finish them off the final hour -to- hour and half at 225F.  What does everyone think about this?  Should I only cook half way in foil (one hour), then the second day...another 1 1/2 in foil (to be sure heated through), and the final 1 hour out?  I'm trying to split this over two days since my time is constrained, but want to be sure they're not dried out, or just plain bad.


So in summary, I'm thinking this:


day one: 2-2-out

day two: 1.5




day one: 2-1-out

day two: 1.5-1


Thanks for any suggestions!

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If it were me I would cook them 2-2-1 then cool, wrap and refrigerate, then heat them up on the grill the next day. 10 to 15 minutes and you're done. 

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I'd do a 2-2-.5, then rewarm them up and serve.

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Just cook them all at once and reheat the next day. Like others have said, either on the grill or in the oven.


When I reheat leftover racks, I throw them on a medium grill still in the foil for about 20 minutes, then unwrap, sauce and crisp up...they taste as good as they did on day 1. Sometimes even better...

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The following is from the USDA web site in the Smoking Meat and Poultry Facts Sheet

Partial cooking of food ahead of time allows harmful bacteria to survive and multiply to the point that subsequent cooking cannot destroy them. And once food is in the smoker, cook until it reaches a safe temperature as determined with a food thermometer.


I wouldn't chance it, if you can do as the others have said and just smoke'em through completion and reheat when needed. 

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I'm with the majority here and say to smoke them fully and then re-heat them. Now I would re-heat them in a steamer pot and believe me they will better great. I re-heat rib, brisket and pulled pork that way all the time.   

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone.  It looks like I'll cook 'em up.


I've been doing 2-2-1.5 as I like 'em a little "tougher", but I'll spare the last half hour and just do 2-2-1...then re-heat the next day.


Hmmm...that actually leaves room for me to smoke something else the next day.  :)


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