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weekend smoke

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I just got back from work in Singapore on Saturday and woke up 4am Sunday morning due to terrible jetlag. I decided to be productive and go to the store and make it a smoke day! Picked up a couple racks of baby back ribs and a 5lb pork butt for pulled pork. Also made a few stuffed jalapenos. I smoked it on my traeger. 2nd time smoking ever. 1st time for ribs and pork butt. Heres some pictures.


Baby Backs

pork butt

rubbed butt

rubbed ribs

on the grill

~3 hours in and foiling the ribs

stuffed japs - only cheese wrapped with bacon

ribs done, i basted 1 with bbq sauce the last hour and the other left alone

stuffed japs

and the pulled pork - best time for the gf to get involved ;)

damn that was tasty. plus i still have some pulled pork for today!

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Looks great!  The bark on those bb's looks great too.  Thanks for sharing the Qview!  

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Looks awesome Scottsman. 

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