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pork shoulder butt with qview

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Made a few mods to the ECB last night to try to get it to hold temp all night.  Don"t like getting up every 3 hours to stir the fire on my one night off. They seemed to work great.  I took out the charcoal pan and added a "Mr. Heater " propane burner that I had laying around.  DSCN0645.JPG

Then dug out an old cast iron skillet for a smoke box. 


Turned on the burner at medium power, filled the water pan and about 30 min later it finally got my tbs and stable 230'

While I was waiting for it to heat up I dug out the pork that I had rubbed earlier and let it come up to room temp.


Surprisingly the ECB maintained an even 230-240 all night. It ended up taking until 1:00 this afternoon before it was done.  A 13 hour smoke.  It finally hit 195 right at 1.  I had to go to church or I probably would have let it go up to 205.  Coolered it for 3 hours while I was at church then pulled it,added a finishing sauce and served. It was almost fall apart done but not quite.  I think the extra 10' would have made it just a hair more tender. Only the second time I've used a finishing sauce and I have to say I am a believer now.  It definitely makes for some awesome PP.


Its funny how the more you smoke, the pickier you get about the flavor, texture, look and smell of everything you smoke.  Wife thinks I have OSD!  I owe it all to you all and this forum.  Thanks a lot for the new addiction! 

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Great idea on the small gas burner, and the pork looks good to! Thanks for sharing the Q-view

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N2 looks good!  It is fun tweaking and tuning the flavors/tastes as if it were a machine! Welcome to the addiction...thanks for the Qview!  

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Looks Good N2!  I don't care whatcha say, nothin better than good PP!

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great way to sleep while the smoke works

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Now that's interesting there. Your new mods to an old smoker and the pork looked tastey too.

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