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Need help finding high temp paint

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I am now about to get started making my first UDS and I have my parts ready to go but I'm having a hard time finding my color paint. I plan on coating the UDS in a peach/light pink color and adding a pig face and pig tail. I seen other designs on here like sports colors and I thought a pig would be funny. Where can I find cans of high temp spray paint in a pig color? Also I was only able to find a step up bit that goes to 7/8 inch so do I really need one that goes to a full 1 inch? I don't need to make the hole much bigger than the 3/4 threaded nipple that will be coming out the drum right?

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I dont know about that color for sure but autozone had a big selection of high temp engine enamel, but if you just use it at 200-225* you can just use regular paint and it will hold up from what i have heard.

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what about the step up bit?

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i think you can get away with the 3/4" hole, i think that is what i used to mount my 3/4" thermo  ..........bob



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are you talking about the air intake holes? 3/4 inch is pretty much the standard

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you dont want the hole bigger than the 3/4 inch nipple, you want the nipple to fit nice and snug, i did mine so they would thread in to the drum metal and then either you use locknuts or weld them in place

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You can get Duplicolor High Heat Engine Enamel at Kragen.  Or you can order it here.


A 3/4" nipple will thread into a 1" diameter hole.  A thermo with a 1/2" pipe thread fitting will thread into a 3/4" hole but it is a tight fit.


You can get step bits at Harbor Freight. 



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I found this finally. Temperkote by Flame control but in the distributors list was ICI, Sherwin Williams, and ace hardware and they haven't heard of it.



Water Based Coatings that protect to 450°F

FC No. 444 TemperKote® H20


Water based coating that forms a tough, durable, heat resistant film
Components: Silicone modified latex


Silicone modified latex


To be used on operating surfaces which will not exceed 450ºF (232ºC)
Air Dry  
Heat Req NONE
14 standard pastel colors + white and black


check out the colors.. adobe or peach?


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Here is a link to the Duplicolor color chart.


It's good up to 1200° F, I believe.  I don't know if they have the color you are looking for though.


But Pandemonium is right -- if you just use it for smoking between 225° and 250° and it never gets away from you you can just use regular spray paint.  I'd guess regular would be good close to 275° to 300° so that gives you a little cushion.



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I'd like to say mine never gets away from me but sometimes I'd spike to 300-325 before I catch it.

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