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3Men Jerky Making

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I just tried my own variation of the 3Men Jerky Making Process (


I started out marinading the jerky in vacuum sealed Ziploc bags, using a vinegar based bbq sauce created by a local place called Black Hog (  I also seasoned the meat with meat tenderizer from a local Aldi's grocery store.  I used thin-sliced "breakfast steaks", as they were approximately 1/8" to 1/4" thick, perfect for jerky.


I kept the smoker at approximately 150 degrees, as I had trouble getting it to go any lower.  My charcoal smoker is a little leaky, and a small amount of oxygen gets around the vents even if I have them shut.  Hey, I built it out of an old Weber grill & a 55 gallon drum, and it cost me almost nothing to make, so you get what you pay for I guess haha.


After about 4 hours, the Jerky is almost done.  A few of the smaller pieces were finished, and were absolutely delicious when I tried them.


I use throw-away aluminum trays for easier cleanup, and since these do not provide the same exposure to air as placing the meat directly on the grill, it was necessary to flip the jerky after 2 hours, to ensure proper drying and appearance.


Below is the almost-done Jerky.



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Nice work!  Jerky is pretty straight forward as you're finding out and really popular around my house.  Low temps and easy smoke are 2 keys.  It's really a dehydration operation after a short smoke for the flavor.

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So, lesson learned...the middle rack in my smoker is hotter than the top.

My top rack Jerky came out looking like store bought jerky.  The middle rack jerky came out much drier, and lighter in color.  It still tastes great though.  So, any future Jerky will be made on the top rack only.

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I have six racks in my smoker and the bottom rack does get hot.  All I do is rotate the racks out... I'll rotate the racks by taking the bottom rack to the top and moving the rest of the racks down one position. By doing this, the racks all seem to get done at more of an even temp. I will do this every 1 1/2 hrs or so... depending on what I am smoking.



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Nice!  Thanks for reminding me that I need to try this.


I love 3Men's chicken brine, BTW.  I emailed them asking if it was OK to put their comp chicken page in our WIKI, and they were totally cool about it, too.

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Man oh Man thats some good looking jerky. No matter how many men it took to make it. LOL

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 That jerky is looking good - nice job

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