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SI is the most bang for the buck!

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I had a master built electric smoker after about 2 years the element went up tried to get a new one and master built told me they no longer made that unit. I can assure you they are still using the same element as I have looked at the smokers in the store. Person at master built said we will give you a nice discount on a new what! I did however buy their 40" propane smoker and I'm very happy with it.

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I have one and it great, I think it great, easy to use!
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Haha. Ok.... This a smokin it forum, but ok. MES is the new topic I guess. biggrin.gif
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After reading so many reviews.. I grabbed one.. Love it.. I have about 5 smokers/grills... Easy to use and pretty much set and forget until time to pull meat..  

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Newb to the SI. Been a charcoal guy. Figured with a little one around a set it amd forget may allow me to smoke more often. Did ribs this past weekend and they were a success. Could have had a little smokier flavor but its a work in progress till i get the hang of it 79bb961d99a68bb927f030fb88000148.jpg
Daughter approved as well. f4fb529c6114ba99f6a76c6b80e38f89.jpg

Took an old workbench i wasnt using and mounted the smoker to it tonight. e05e9d469c9bee8599a8c22fd9b51e48.jpg
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Looks great. The bench is genius. I am trying to do something like that also.
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Both ribs and cart look great. And the little one apparently approves the ribs.
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Nice work, nothing like a kid nawing on a bone!   Jted

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So I received the unit (SI#3) after much hassle from UPS. They were supposed to deliver it today, but got an email around 750pm saying that it was moved til tomorrow. I took off today(losing a days pay), so I wasn't very happy and had a few choice words with the customer service operator when he told me "oh well nothing he can do". After arguing with them for 20 min I got them to hold the package at the local distributing hub and stay open for me. So after a 30 min ride to the UPS distribution center and a 20 min wait for them to find it. I get the excuse they put in on the wrong truck..... sorry. I'm obviously not very happy with this and I will be seeing about getting at least a partial refund from UPS. $160 for shipping, this is not acceptable.   Hopefully I can get something out of them.

By the time I got home, cleaned up and casters put on, finally started seasoning at around 10. I have to say that thing is packed very well. A few screws were loose on the back and some minor scratches, but overall pretty well built. So it is set at the advised 250 and within 20 min it was 257. The temperature swings have been from as low as 223 back up to 260 in the first 1.5 hrs. I guess I'll be up til 1 or 2 tonight. 

 All that matters is that it will be ready for tomorrow. I prepared 2 racks of St. Louis ribs that I coated with yellow mustard and coated with Jeffs naked rib rub from SMF. This is my first real attempt at smoking. I am planning on starting it around 9am and hoping that they only take about 5 to 5.5 hrs. Have an early dinner before my daughters dance class tomorrow. I am still debating whether to put bbq sauce on them, will prob do one and leave the other. I might make my own, it'll be my first time. Wish me luck.

Always open to suggestions and advice. Thank you in advance 

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These are really stout units. Shipping either works really well or really bad. And the cost is high. I wish you luck on getting some restitution from UPS. As I stated on another site, I will sauce ribs for my wife during the last hour/4 hour mark. Not continuously due to loss of heat and smoke.   They turn out great.  Sometimes I need to go 5 1/2 hour if the ribs were extra fatty. Your temperature swings are good, on par with the SI3 my brother has. And he turns out some fantastic food. He has stopped using a remote thermometer; created more worry than it was worth. He will use it for large cuts, like a butt. Otherwise, he doesn't check on his ribs for the first 4 or 4 1/2 hours.


Good luck and happy smoking.

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Thanks for the post. I'd like to try doing some jerky too, but haven't had enough info on the best way to do it. Did you hang the strips on the bars you can buy on the Smokin it website, or just lay them on the racks? And is the fan really necessary? Are you putting it inside the smoker and running the cord out the smoke hole? I would guess you'd have to make sure to keep the temp down no higher than 150 with a fan in there. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.



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I havent done jerky, but others on this website say the fan is necessary. It also helps the amnps and pellets burn if you have one.
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dont worry about the temp swings set it let the smokin it  do its magic no worry put meat on when you turn it on use little wood .. no worry smoker check your IT( internal temperature)

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I have one that I have used for several months now. I think this thing is wonderful but there are some things you may want to know before getting one. Yes, the quality is really good. It is insulated as well. Mine has 3 racks but it is the little one. The first thing you need to know is that this thing seals REALLY well. The vents are not adjustable - there is a grease hole in the bottom and a larger hole in the top (through which I put a temp probe into the meat). The second thing you need to know is it doesn't take much wood. Generally I use about 1 1/2 oz wood, that's it. I cook to temperature only and this thing will cook fast. As a general rule I cook at a lower temperature so that I can cook longer and have done so to great success.


What this boils down to is that you don't really need to add more wood so there is no wood tray that can be extracted from outside. If you were to add wood you may get to the situation where you are oversmoking (at least that has been my experience just using 2 oz or a little over). A lot of technique used in other smokers may not work so well in this one. There is, however, a forum at Smokin-It and there is a lot of good info there specifically using these smokers. You might check them out here: http://smokinitforums.com/index.php?PHPSESSID=ctoh5jbmit26j3gaceu9nbjii2&. You don't have to be a member to look around.


Overall I am extremely happy with my smoker. Small, all stainless, nice cover, long cord, great temp control. One down side, though. No water pan, but that is no big deal. I use small, disposable loaf pans that fit perfectly next to the smoke box.


I did the same homework as you have described and took the leap. Glad I did. Hope this helps.

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Thanks gents. Using this smoker is quite a bit different than my egg, but I'm getting there. I think I'll do some beef jerky next.



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I have a medium BGE that I've owned for over 25 years and I decided to buy a medium (#2) Smokin-It smoker to do smoked fish. My short comment is that I really like my SI and these days actually use it more than my BGE. I made one modification to the smoker after cooking with it a couple times, and that was to add an Auber PID. It let me control the temperature far better than the built-in thermostat and to exceed 250º for cooking things like chicken.


Ribs come out great in this smoker as does smoked pork. I haven't tried brisket yet, but I definitely will the next time I see a packer brisket on sale.


I agree hardily with the advice you've received from others in this string about being careful about using too much wood in your SI. Over-smoking makes anything bitter. I use maple to smoke blue fish, king fish and mackerel and they all taste great with just one piece of wood. For ribs, two pieces of wood (I like cherry, hickory or pecan) will last an entire smoke and impart just the right flavor.


BTW, the recipe for ribs is easy. For St. Louis ribs, put them in an un-preheated smoker (the ribs should be room temperature) and cook them at 230º for 5 1/2 hours before using the bend test to check for doneness. For baby back ribs, use the same method but cook them for 4 1/2 hours. I don't use water while smoking and I don't wrap my ribs and they come out pull-off-the-bone tender. These will be the best ribs you've ever eaten! If you do this recipe on your BGE, pre-heat the pit before putting the ribs on, but the temperature and timing is the same.


I hope you follow through and buy a Smokin-It smoker. I've dealt with the owners and find that they are really focused on quality and customer service. You'll be making a smart investment.

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Looks exquisite to me! :-) Did nothing wrong from thee looks of it, a dark bark like that is what you want. what you need. Remember that the rub once heat hits it will react and the reaction that occurred with your first efforts is a Preferred Result. Congrats, Salute', have a seat and have a glass of wine or beer. Welcome to the Dark World of Smokin!
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That's a cool second use of a tool kit. I was looking for a stand that I would not have to do too much modifications. That looks like a winner!
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