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Not to change the subject BUT:


What is everyone putting in their SI for this weekend?

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I just loaded some Mild Cheddar, Sharp Cheddar, Colby/Jack, and some Mozzarella String Cheese in mine.


This is my second test with my new A-MAZE-N AMNPS. The first one was a dry run with mixed results. This one is with some fairly inexpensive cheese to see how it goes. Yeah, yeah, I just saw that one of my shelves is off by a notch. I'm going to live with it ;)


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Making me hungry !!!



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Should work! No wood box, no drip pan. 

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thats pretty cool put the AMPS on the  element!

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At first, the AMNPS kept going out. But, I eventually got it going and burned really well.

It was pretty busy windy yesterday so I think that helped move air through the box with the door shut, but made it harder to get the AMNPS going.

I think the cheese turned out pretty well. But we'll have to see after a week or two of mellowing time.
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Originally Posted by old sarge View Post



Here it is all packaged up. It didn't really take on a lot of color, but the smoking temps were really low (40-75) averaging about 50 or so degrees. I was trying to smoke to color like many recommend, so ended up going for 5 hours which I am worried might have been too long. But we'll see after a few weeks of mellowing time.


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Nice    Looks Good



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Looks mighty tasty to me.  Nice job.

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I love smoked cheese and sausage links. I just finished spicy sausage links smoking with AMPS and pitmaster blend pellets. I'm wondering how many years my SI1 will last at the rate I'm using it, which is almost every day that it's not raining. I'm very much impressed.
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I just pulled two trays of thigh's out of my Smokin-it Smoker # 2 , and to tell you the truth I really wish I would have purchased it long ago even though I am new to or just getting started .

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Better late than never.

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Expecting delivery of my Smokin it #3 tomorrow. Cannot wait to season it up and get some delicious cooking done on it.

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I'll bet you are chomping at the bits



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I've had the smokin tex 1400 and sold it to a close friend for a good price.  ?I bought the smokin-it model 3 and am quite happy with it.  Being it is 22 1/2 deep I can do full racks of ribs without cutting them down to fit into the smoker.  I also purchased the Auber temperature controller which takes a lot of the guess work out of using an electric smoker.  I'm happy with both.The price for the smokin it pretty reasonable.  But, the shipping can be pretty pricey depending where you live.

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I have had my smokin it for about two years and have smoked everything (almost) in it. I did smoky meatballs for the super bowl yesterday and they were a hit at the party. Iwth the pid amber it is a set and forget world. I have had some issues as there have been some power outages, and that seems to reset the pid, but other than that, it does quite well.
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Once a Marine always a Marine

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I just got the #4 Smokin-It smoker this past saturday.  I used to own the MES40 but could not live with the shortcomings.  I am hoping this will give me everything I could want in a smoker.  I was originally going to buy a #3 which is more inline pricewise with my old MES40 but Steve, the owner upsold me the #4 at the NWTF show in Nashville.  I just finished cooking a ribeye roast in it today, my first smoke out of the #4 :)



brand new fully loaded


Ultra clean!


initial burn in smoke



Then the next day... SNOOOOOOOO!


Todays dinner, 7.7 pound ribeye roast



135 degrees internal temp delicousness


Thanks for looking


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Nice job! Man that big roast looks tiny in the #4.



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