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Why Reverse Flow?

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Hello all! I'm in the beginning stage of planning my smoker build. I had never heard of a reverse flow smoker before joining SMF. What are the benefits of RF? Can you give me the pros and cons of RF? Thank you in advance!
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 Can you give me the pros and cons of RF? Thank you in advance 

The pro's of an RF design are, a more even temp, no hot spots, you don't have to move your meet around to avoid (hot spots) etc...The cons, the only one I can think of is some larger Designs seem to use alot of fuel. But most (even the larger ones) are very efficient once they get warmed up! Hope this helps

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The pros are great food all the time.


The con is, not everyone can afford one or two or three.

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what they said.

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Even temps, I fire up 1 hour before food goes on, cons?????????? too much fun to use

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