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First post... First butt

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Just joined the forum, and wanted to say hi to ya'll.  I recently got a horizontal pipe smoker, and did my first all-day cook with it.  It was a pork butt, another first.  Never done one of those before.  After this weekend, I'm gonna have my wife keep a close eye on any sales for butt, because it was just great!  I used a mix of oak and elm for the first 6 hours, and then wrapped it in foil and finished the cook with 5 1/2 hours of charcoal.  Cooking temps were 230-250 for maybe 80% of the time. 


I do have one question for all you long-timers: do you use the pan drippings that accumulate in your drip pan, or do you toss them?  Those juices look real good, but have a really strong, maybe too strong, smoke smell to them, and there's always the possibility that a little ash got into them.  Anybody been brave enough to use those drippings?  By the way, before this new pit, I used a great little 22 1/2 inch Weber kettle grill, and any drippings always had ash in them, so I never even considered using them.  





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 I allways catch my drippings and cool to defat and mix a little back into the pork after it is pulled,

But i use an MES so i don't have to worry about ashes.

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You shouldnt have ash in the chamber? I'm sure it could happen, but if it does keep happening try a small damper near the firebox/chamber entrance. As for the dripping I agree with eman put that back into the pork. Some of use even add things to the pan while dripping, try some onion for some awesome french dip.


Don't forget the qview

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