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Small Sunday Smoke - Ribs, BabyBacks and Burnt Ends

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Hello all,


Its been a great summer so far...I have gotten a smoke in at least once a month..and that is saying a lot with work as busy as it has been!!!


I was talking Ribs with a Microsoft Rep from Houston, Tx.....and all that talk made me really hungry for ribs this weekend!


I smoked a single rack of spares, and a rack of baby cut up the sausage for some sausage burnt ends (read my other will see my wife will not let me smoke unless I make these...hehe)


I used a store bought rub (from Jackstack) and I am a little worried about it...(not that Jackstack doesnt make a good rub, but I have always made my own...)...Smoking with Hickory and the last chunk of apple I had.

Did the 2-2-1 method...My Mop was Apple Juice, Bacardi Gold 151, and a little apple vinegar...

Ended up making a finishing sauce fro the JackStack BBQ sauce, coffee and a little Olive Oil.


Here is the QVIEW...


All Wrapped up from the night before...waiting for the smoker to start smoking...

IMG_3091 [800x600].jpg



As you can see...the mustard kinda came through the rub, and the rub had a much darker color then what I usually do...


IMG_3093 [800x600].jpg



Into the Smoker...cooked at 220-240 for the 5 hour total...

IMG_3096 [800x600].jpg


Clean up Crew is ready and willing!!!

IMG_3098 [800x600].jpg



Finished Product...had a hard time cutting them due to the crust and the meat just falling off the bone...from the burnt ends coming off the cut, the rub is pretty salty...Good thing my wife lives on salt...I wont buy rubs again...mine is better!!!

IMG_3099 [800x600].jpg



IMG_3101 [800x600].jpg



IMG_3100 [800x600].jpg


Sausage burnt ends (the skirt from the spares was cut up for burnt ends too)

IMG_3102 [800x600].jpg


Cant wait to eat...I have some corn on the cob in the smoker right now....Dinner bell should ring in about 15 minutes!!!


Thanks for viewing,



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That stuff looks awesome.  Great smokin man.

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I'd like to hear more about your finishing sauce.  Anything with coffee in it is right up my alley

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Great looking smoke - Love the burnt ends

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Well, I will say this...after eating, I am not at all happy with the way these ribs turned out. I guess its my fault for taking the lazy way out and buying the rub, rather than just making my own...My loss....but my daughter was not happy :-) The ribs were a little on the spicy side for her (I didnt taste the spice, but then again, I always order my Thai food as Thai HOT...) and they were quite salty.


It actually reminded me of Gates ribs...they are very salty, and that is just how these turned out (not to bag on Gates...Love their stuff)


Anyway, next time it will be Ray's Rub all they way :-)


As for the sauce....I am not really a sauce my version of "making a finishing sauce" only involves mixing some ingredients together. I do not heat the sauce. I added about 1/2 cup of Jackstack BBQ sauce...1/4 cup of 4 hour old coffee...and a dash of Olive Oil. The coffee helps break down the thicker store bought its a nice thin sauce to just kiss the ribs.


Anyway...the ribs got eaten (even the dogs got some) and we all drank lots of water tonight..heheheh


Thanks for looking,



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