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Sauerkraut 2010 step by step W/Qview

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noticed the one of the cabbages in the garden had started to split open this week so decided to harvest them all... So you know what that means right...

here we are split, cored, and ready for shredding.

and here is the shredded cabbage, ready to start making into kraut.

I weigh it up 5 pounds at a time,

and to the 5 pounds add 1/4 cup salt.
on edit... i use canning and pickling salt...

mix it up and the cabbage will get limp and start to make water, when there is cabbage juice in the bottom of pan, about 5 minutes, time to put in the crock(can use food grade buckets if you want.). and pack it down as much as you can.

and here is the batch ready to start the fermentation process.

a 6,5, and a 2 gallon crocks used. grand total of 95 pounds...

and the airlocks (plastic food grade bags, double bagged with water in them) installed. serve as a weight to keep cabbage packed and also as a one way pressure release.

so now the wait begins, approx 6 weeks... more or less depending on temps. i will edit in how i get this ready for winter storage at a later date. thanks for checking it out. if you garden, or if you have access to cabbage from a farmers market etc, and you like kraut is pretty simple to make the best stuff you ever had. thks for cking it out.  
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That's awesome, bet that's going to be some good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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Love  your cabbage slicer.  My dad used to make his own kraut, had  a couple of 10 gallon crocks he would put it in.  Used to have a big old wooden pounder on a pole for beating it down too.  I have my grandfather's old slicer, but it more of a museum piece now.  You are going to have some good kraut there.

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OMG that is alot of kraut! I make my own too, same way as you, but on a much smaller scale. I agree that if you like kraut then you really should make your own, it is soooo easy. The hard part is waiting for it to ferment so you can eat it. I love the smell too.

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Nice kraut there buddy.

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Do you ever add anything else to it?  I've done it with small bits of apple scattered thru it before and it comes out pretty good.

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That's cool.  I always thought there was more to it than cabbage and salt.  Will be keeping an eye for upadates.


Thumbs up

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Wow, just thinking about all that kraut makes me want some hot sausages. I love to eat fried taters, kraut, and smoked sausage.

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Originally Posted by KCbluesNbbq View Post

Wow, just thinking about all that kraut makes me want some hot sausages. I love to eat fried taters, kraut, and smoked sausage.

me too man... me too!!!

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well i guess after 8 weeks its about time to finish this up.... so after 2 months here is what it looks like...

a lil closer...

make about a quart of brine, 1.5 tablespoons salt to quart of water and heat up kraut in stockpot. had a pretty big batch this year so also had 2 roasters in the oven with brine in it and used them to start the heating process so i could get done a lil quicker. packed in jars and then processed for 25 minutes.


thks for cking out my pics.  

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Man erain that sure looks good... Never had homemade Kraut only store bought....

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erain that looks great ! and I like the bags of water for air locks I will use this idea the next batch .. Thanks for shareing ....

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That's a boat load of cabbage Erain!  I love some kraut.


Thanks for sharing!

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erain I bought 50 lbs of cabbage today so my kraut will soon be on its way ... thanks for the tips....

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Awesome kraut! I recently planted my fall crop of cabbages to make kraut. I'll send ya some Paul!! Nothing like kraut, sausages and cold beer. MMMmmmmm.

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