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Question on preparation for rub

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Can any of you tell if you rub mustard before rubs and is there a purpose other than to hold seasonings?

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Thats pretty much the only reason in my opinion.  I dont think it adds any flavor to the meat.

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Ah yet another one of the great debates.  The last pork shoulders I did I rubbed one with molasses and the other with mustard before I applied the rub. I was able to tell a difference between the two, but it was miniscule.  Both were delicious, and the mustard seemed to have more "tang" to it, my wife confrimed and she did it in a blind tasting.  Now she did say this, had she not had them side by side to taste she probably would have never been able to tell the difference.....


Just another one of those great questions that is best answered by "give it a try and see what you like best".

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 I use a mix of mustard and molasses and liquid crab boil to hold my seasoning on the butts.

 best of both worlds .sweet and tangy.

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Right now I have 2 slabs in the MES,  One has mustard and rub and the other has Yoshida's Garlic and Cracked Pepper.

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I don't use mustard to hold my rub on. I just rub the meat and then wrap it in saran wrap for the evening abnd then pull it out and let it come to temp on the counter and then touch up the rib if needed. Then it's in the smoker it goes.

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+1 Mballi3011  no wet ingredients in my rubs either. 

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is this a joke?  nice 1st post...  

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I use it from time to time. If it does add any flavor, it is minute. Most will cook off during the smoke.

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If I want a lot of bark I will use the mustard to "glue" a large amount of rub on, but that usually only applies to butts.

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I used mustard once on a slab of spares and did taste the mustard slightly, Never have used again but I never seem to have the problem of my rub coming off. I always give my meat a thorough washing off then applied the rub and the rub always seems to adhere to the left over water on the meat

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You can use any wet ingrediant to bind the rub to the ribs. My neighbor uses cherry Dr. pepper mixed w/ a mild hot sauce.

 He grills and doesn't smoke (yet).

 his ribs have a great flavor.

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i use olive oil before the dry goes on, i'm gonna try molasses to see if it sweetens up the pork a bit..........bob



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