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i want some cherry or maple

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i have traded with SmokingOhioButcher a few times and he always hooks me up with some great woods that i would never be able to find here in the lone star state (TEXAS, YAY!).  well, i'm looking for some cherry and/or maple.  i'm willing to trade pecan or some local wild peach wood.  i will admit, that the peach came from dead or dying trees at a peach orchard about an hour from where i live.  the wood is really dry, but still has a great smell and does NOT burst it to flames or burn up very quickly.  either way...cherry and/or maple for pecan/peach.  not really interested in anything else, but some other less "standard" fruit woods are welcomed (ie plum, citrus, etc.).  PM if you are interested.

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really?  no one wants pecan or peach???  anyway, i'll leave the offer up till somebody takes it.

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I think I'm headed to camp this week let me see if I have any cherry I can cut into chunks. If I do I'm interested I'd like to try peach

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Workin on it man!!!



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forgot to tell you guys...






thank you so much Dennis!

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Cool glad you got some let us know what you think after trying it

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Your welcome, can't wait to see the peach. doing some hot wings on sunday, thought I will give it a try.


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Good to see someone came through for ya! I tried but I was too late for a tree down the road!

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Look what showed up when I came home for lunch.



Thanks Brian  (SoaFung)





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Christmas in August?




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Soafung, sorry I was late,my Hickory just got deliverd and I wanted to trade for some pecan!

I can get Apple too,I'm not too far from SOB and I'll be getting to him soon.

Let me know if you need some Apple or Hick;I want some Pecan or Mesquite. I miss those home style woods.Later,Stan...

Have fun and,

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I used some of the peach on sundays wing smoke. Very happy and a great trade.



thanks again bryan

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glad to hear dennis.  I have used tthe cherry you sent and it's AMAZING!  I love the smell and the flavor is great.  I will trade with you anytime.

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