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I have been searching for a long time and I finally found an old fridge to build my first smoker!  I am super excited.  My roommate is helping me out and so far we have the guts out and the insulation out.  We are making this in to a charcoal and electric smoker so we can do either or.  We have bought the smoke stack, sheet metal for the door and to seal where the installation was, along with a few other basic parts.  I see that some of you left the old insulation in and some of you put new insulation in.  I wanted to be safe and rip the old stuff out, but I was wondering if I really need to put new stuff in or if I can leave it with out any and then seal it up.  What difference does this make? 


I attached two pictures of what it looked like when I got it and one of where we are at now in the build.IMG00303-20100722-1758.jpgIMG00304-20100722-1758.jpgIMG00305-20100724-1629.jpg