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temp problem on pork butt

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I put in a 9lb butt at 8 am and 1its just now at 139 do i need to worry about anything and is there any way to tell if it mite be bad? Thanks for any info and i no i no q. But i can't seem to get the pics on here my bad.

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What temp is your smoker at?

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it was mostly round 225 i bumped it up to 250 to get it up ther meats at 147 now

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In 2009 the USDA Food Safety Code was changed to 41 F to 134 F in under 4 hours for meats that don't meet the intact muscle rule. What temp was the meat when you put it in the smoker? If 5 hours it was 139 I would guess that you were very close or past the 134 mark at 4 hours. 

Did you inject the meat? Did you put the temp probe in right at the beginning of the smoke?

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If I am doing large pork butts (8 lbs and above) I usually set the smoker at 250º to start with, once I get the internal temp up to 130º, I will lower it back to 225º.

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