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A Saturday of Firsts... First Butt, First Fatty, First ABT's

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Alright, so i have been smoking a few years, but only have done brisket, ribs, and a couple chickens.  Today i am entering the wonderful world of pulled pork, fatties, and ABT's!  I will be putting up Qview as the day goes on.  First lets get to some pictures of the Pork Butt.  6.5lb Pork Butt Bone-in...


After The Rub Last NightPork Butt.jpg


Re-rubbed this morning at 5:30am after I got the smoker started up.  This next pic is the butt at 9:30 after being on since 6am.  We are at 156 degrees so probably just about to my stall point.  Its going quicker than I thought.  240 degrees and apple wood.


Pork Butt 9am.jpg


I am misting with apple juice starting at 10am, every 2 hours.


Ok so at 10am the fatty is going on so its ready about 1-2 when wifey gets home from work.


Here is the inside of the fatty.  Pizza sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, peppers, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, cheese.


Fatty Inside.jpg


One thing i did learn is, don't put the insides all the way to the end.  I had to pull some on the ends and at the end of the roll off to close this puppy off.


Now the finished product.  Wife did the bacon weave.  She got it done in under 2 minutes.  i was surprised, thought it would be harder than that.


Fatty Finished.jpg


MOre pics to come once i get the fatty on the smoker as well as make up the ABT's for later! 


One quick question, to help crisp a rather thick cut of bacon on the fatty.  Would it be advisable to give a quick high temp stint on the grill after i am done smoking?  Or no?

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Looking great man! Are you panning or foiling that butt or just lettin' it sit out in the open till 190..

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I am not going to foil.  Hear too many people say its too moist.  I am going to pull about 195-200.  Wrap in tin foil and let it sit in my little cooler for a couple hours.  Then pull, and put finishing sauce on it, let it sit in the oven a bit then its time for dinner!.  Its 12:25 right now and the fatty has been on since 10am.  Its at 150 right now.  I think i am going to go to 160-165 then pull and put on the grill on high for a couple minutes to help crisp the bacon a little.  I already put one of the ABT's on.  Man those are great!.  Will have Qview when i pull the fatty!

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looking good! i will be checking back later to see more pictures!!! yummo!!!!

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Here is the Fatty fresh off the grill.  Smoker for 3 hours.  Went to 165 internal.  Then finished her off for 30 seconds on a hot grill.  The grease was making 3 foot high flames so it only needed a couple seconds on each side on the bbq grill.  I have it resting in a cooler in tin foil right now.  Will have another pic once i slice her open!


Fatty Done.jpg

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Alright all split open.  Turned out great.  I think i would use thinner bacon next time.

Fatty Opened Up.jpg

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Looking good so far, keep the pics coming.  I've done lots of fatties, haven't tried the pizza one yet....I need to add it to my to do list.

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that fatty looks great! i might have to try the pizza one too! great idea!

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that fatty looks so good

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The fatty was good.  As i stated it was my first one, so i don't have anythign to compare it to, but it was better than i thought it would be, just a little heavy on the bacon for me. 

Here are some pics of the ABT's that just finished.  I have two types, one with cheddar little smokies and the other with brisket.  The brisket ones are amazing!



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Looks awesome and I agree on the bacon thin works better for use with smoking most things

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Alright boys, shes done.  Pulled her off at 200 degrees at 5pm.  Thats an 11 hour smoke on a 6.5 lbs brisket.  Took about 2 hours longer than i was planning, but luckily i left myself plenty of time.  Let it sit for an hour wrapped in the cooler.  Then pulled it, and applied the finishing sauce.  Now letting it sit an hour covered in the oven.  Will turn the oven on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes before i am going to eat it.  What do you all think?


PP done.jpg

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Great bunch of FIRSTS!   Wish you were where I worked because anything that has to do with a first is a case of cold ones! lol  Definitely the cheapest, thinest cut of bacon you can find works.  I've experimented a little with something of course I read here somewhere...(lol) about heating up the bacon strips in a frying pan just enough you can see the heat warming the fat up a little (not browning...just heating slightly).  On my ABTs I've found this allows the bacon to crisp up nicely in the smoker.

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