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Yet another rib question...

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The last time I smoked ribs, I made a St. Louis cut and threw away all the extra meat(did not know what to do with it). Anyway, I did a search and found that you should smoke it and eat as snacks during the smoke. My question is, How do you prepare the extra meat? Do you cut it into small peices? Put Rub on it? Any info on how you prepare yours would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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If I bother to trim St Louis style which I usually don't I just rub the pieces and smoke them however they come off when I trim the ribs. Big pieces small pieces they all taste good

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I haven't done it, but I would treat it the same way as I would the ribs -- rub 'em up and smoke 'em at the same time.

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I prepare them the same way as I do my ribs and we snack on them they they are done. Or we cook them the same amount of time as the spares and put them in beans or other dishes.

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I'm sure you already know how to cut them but heres a tutorial on it thats pretty good 

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thanks for all the advice.

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I usually put the extra bits in a 1/2 pan or wrap up in foil with a beer and some different rub you've wanted to try - or expand on your original rub.  Then snack on as done and you have a bit of an experiment to compare to the other ribs as they finish.

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