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pulled chicken?

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i am injecting the chicken breast with apple juice. i am applying a rub as well. i plan to smoke these breast to 175 and put them in foil for the last hour to keep moist. maybe after i pull them to shreds soak in oven with apple juice to revive the juices back in to the meat. what is your thought on this? and how long do you think to get to the temp? 

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Now I have never injected chicken breast before but I have smoked a boat load of them. Now I would smoke it to maybe 165* in the breast and not do this whole soaking the meat in apple juice thingy. I like my chicken smoked and it comes out very juicy too. Heck give it a try and see for yourself. I'm pretty sure that you will get my way backed up here shortly.

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Hmmmm.. If you want pulled chicken for sandwiches or as a dish by it's self, you can smoke a whole chicken until one of the thighs pulls off without a knife. Put it in a big foil pan or tub and pull the meat and discard the bones..

If it's just the breasts you have, then like Mark said, take them to 165 and remove from the heat. You don't need to soak or anything else. Maybe just cover with some foil or a towel for a couple of minutes before slicing.

Smoking breasts alone for pulled chicken is not very effective. And by the way, nobody will know dark meat from white meat when the whole bird is pulled...

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Welcome to the SMF. Glad to have you here. Lots of good folks, great recipes and knowledge. Looking forward to your first qview.

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Welcome. I agree you don't need the apple juice thing at the end. They will be plenty juicy enough at 165*

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