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Let's try this again.

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So I didn't have that great of luck with getting my GOSM smoker and I was about to give up on a smoker for a while. Last night my wife and I got a rare chance to go out to dinner and have some time away from the kids. We ended up doing a little shopping after and swung by Gander Mountian.. They had two large smokers there; the Smoke Vault 24 for $299 and the Smoke Hollow #6, which is 20" wide and 38" tall. That's the cheapest I've seen the Smoke Vault, but it's also the first time I've seen it in person, and I was a little underwhelmed with the construction. It was the same thin gauge sheet metal that was getting beat up in shipping with the GOSM big blocks I had shipped. In fact the Smoke Vault on the floor was pretty badly bent up too. 


The Smoke Hollow seemed like it was built much better`and from my rough measurements of a rack of ribs, it will still fit 2 racks of ribs on each rack without having to cut them in half. There wasn't a price on it and we had some other things to do so I check the price on the web later. It was $229 and I went back and picked it up today. The box was actually beat up worse than the two big blocks I received, but there wasn't as much as a scuff on any of the parts. The one issue is the same one that a lot of people have had with this smoker, and that's that it runs really hot. I've got an email into them for whatever they send out to fix it. 


All I have to do now is to actually smoke some food!

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I have that same smoker and have been using it for 2 years now, i learned that on low it runs a little warm so i move my to the shade it stays right at 230 degrees. good luck and keep smoking!

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Congrats on the free time with no kids, sometimes moments like that are hard to come by.


Also congrats on the new smoker. Hope you enjoy.

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Q-view!  Don't forget the Q-view!

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