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More Cheddar... then..

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I did 2 lbs. of Extra Sharp Cheddar this morning, each lb. cut into 3 sticks, total of 6 sticks.  I added a couple ice bricks, changed them out after 2 hours, total of 4 hour smoke, I put in 2 rows of dust, seems like each row takes about 2 hours to burn.   Of all the cheeses I did last time the runaway favorite with everyone in the family was the cheddar so that's why I did that exclusively.  I used the hickory again to duplicate the first.  Now, I can try others too.




I had a can of Red Salmon that I was going to make patties out of, but it described on the side for a Smoky Salmon dip to make... wellllll.... how about really smoking it instead of adding 4 drops of liquid smoke? 


The cheese coming out and starting the salmon:




I spread it out with the fork, flaking it and picking out the bones and verebrae from it.  I'll post another pic when it's done.  I refilled the A-Maze-En Smoker with another two lines of dust (hmmm.. reminds me of the 60's... no.. wait.. I regress..!) in the chamber so it would keep smokin'.  I still have the icepacks inside but not that concerned on the salmon as to how high the temp gets, it will be refrigerated immediately once done, it's already precooked.

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Well your cheese sounds really good there Pop's. Now I keep saying I have to try it. As for the salmon cakes should be good too.

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As the man says---"Veeeerrrry Interesting".



I gotta hear how this Salmon turns out.


Pops, go easy on those "lines". This aint the sixties!




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Hey Pops!!!


Looks like the ice trick made a difference.


Can you share the "Smoked Salmon Dip" recipe?



Looks Great!





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Let us know how the smoked canned salmon turns out.


You can name it "The Poor Man's Smoked Salmon"...

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It turned out very well!  Took pics and never finished, I apologize!  After smoking I picked out the bones and mixed with some diced onion, parsley, bread crumbs and an egg and fried to a golden brown for smoked salmon patties, they were delicious!


Spread out on a plate and smoked 2 hrs:




Made into patties and coated with breadcrumbs laced with parmesan:




And fried golden brown:




in a dish for work; a package of hamburg rolls and some tartar sauce for great smoked salmon patty burgers!




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Pops, those are outstanding. Got them on my list.

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Good to see Pops tryin something new.  Looks good.

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Pops rocks another recipe ( Wasnt that a candy in the 60's)

Great post Pops - love the recipe too

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If you have any leftover smoked salmon, here is a good use for it.


MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05
      Title: Smoked Salmon Pate
 Categories: Easy, Tested, Xmas
      Yield: 1 Sm bowl
      1 c  Crumbled smoked salmon
    1/4 ts Lemon juice
      1 tb Finely chopped onion
      4 oz Cream cheese - softened
    1/8 c  Mayonnaise
      6 ds Dill weed
  Sprinkle crumbled salmon with lemon juice.  Add onion and cream
  cheese. Mix together with a fork, then combine with the mayonnaise.
  Sprinkle with the dill weed and stir to incorporate into mixture.
  Serve on crackers.
  Can easily double or triple recipe for party.
  TESTED:  Very nice - good smoked  salmon flavor, spread nicely.
  Variation of recipe from:
  Best of the Best Alaska coobook

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Simply AWESOME !




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i would liketo try smoking some cheese in my new smoker.The old smoker i had before used a propane burner like you have posted.this past winter i built a new and bigger smoker.bottom half block top half wood.i decided to use a different type of heat source.i got a pipe burner from Charles a. Hones in new is rated at 45,000 btu's.

a gas valve and a setup for a thermostat also.i put a 60-250deg thermostat on it .insulated with insulation rated at 900deg.covered the inside with wood.i can now set it at the desired temp and the only time i go  outside is to check on the woodchips.i have an offset smoker i can use without giving off heat.i think that should be ideal for smoking long  does it take to get a good smoke on cheese? Skygreenbud

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I go for about 3 hours, but depends on how heavy the smoke is and how smkoey you like your cheese



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Feels like one of those "That 70's Show" flash backs..... all this talk about smoking and lines... lol.


Looks outstanding Pops! Will have to give those salmon cakes a shot, only fish my 10 yr. old likes is salmon.

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