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Brisket and ABTs with QVIEW

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We are having a family gathering for a 13th birthday party.


My family has requested a brisket and ABTs.


Here is my first attempt at QVIEW in the new format.


 More to come.




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well the brisket looks good, but the ABT's don't look like they'll be too filling. I cant even see em 

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The brisket and ABTs were a hit!


The Brisket was rubbed down with a family recipe that they have used for many years.



1-1/2 tsp


1-1/2 tsp

Ground pepper

2 tbl

Chili powder

1 tsp

Crushed bay leaves

2 tbl

Liquid smoke


It is so funny how hesitant people are of ABTs until they try have one.

We made two versions; traditional jalapeno and mild ones using bell peppers.

All were filled with simple Veggie Soft Cream Cheese from a tub....bagel spread!



The Brisket just prior to foilling

Copy of Brisket_foil_time.jpg


The finished brisket

Copy of Brisket_finished.jpg


Brisket Sliced

Copy of Brisket_Sliced.jpg




Copy of ABTs_start.jpg



Copy of ABTs_finished.jpg















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Looks good

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Looks Good!  How were the Bell Peppers in the ABT's?  I haven't tried that yet, my thoughts are they would be a little sweeter...

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They were a  bit sweeter, but were a hit with everyone!


A while back I made some ABTs for a bunko game night we were hosting out of basic jalapenos. Unfortunately we ended up with a batch of nuclear jalapenos that had people gasping for air and turning RED. So to play it safe we decided to make some kid friendly ABTs using bell peppers.


Next time I would added more cheese and either used a full slice of bacon or make them half the size.

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Looks great. I too am interested in how the bell's worked out.

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Looks real good.  Congratulations on a job well done.

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