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Rub under the skin if removing the skin?

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I'm looking to smoke a chicken on Friday and it will be my first chicken I have ever made.  I am not going to jump into brining yet.  I plan on smoking at 250* till temp is hit (should be like 4 hours or so right?) and have read that the skin does not get crispy doing it this way so I plan to remove it.  So should I rub my seasonings under the skin so it imparts on the meat?  This will be a beer can chicken as well.  Should I prep the night before (kinda like a pork butt) and let it sit in the fridge for a while before smoking?

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First things first , i would recomend brining , but if not use your fingers to carefully lift the skin away from the bird and try not to tear it. i rub olive oil on the bird and then season w/ your rub . spreading anywhere you can reach. then season the outside . You can refidgerate over night

b4 smoking.

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Thanks for the reply!  I am actually going to be doing some testing.  I unfortunately do not have time to brine this week but next week I might try to brine and see what the difference is for me.  I'm running some tests before cooking for a party in a few weeks.  Thanks for your help!

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I would also recommand brining your bird. It's really easy and won't take that long all you have to do is mix some spices with water and let it go in the refrig. Then just smoke the bird till maybe 165* and then let it rest and you will have some of the best yard bird that you have ever eaten.

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