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pulled pork

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I have seen on a lot of forums people looking for easier ways to pull pork thought i would share this with people. I have found you can use a lage pan & a mixer & do a batch in minutes also found this tool on the web go to hope this helps some of you out!!!

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Bear Claws work good too.

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I didn't care for the bear claws to slow for me!!! Last time i did 100lb only took about 20min. to pull with the mixer!!

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Never heard of using a mixer.  With enough help I can get done in about 20 minutes or so.  You don't have any feeling left in your fingers but it's less cleanup.


Gene are you going to Ribber Fest and/or Bean Blossom this year?


Saw you were from Madison.  I was down there last weekend.

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Besides just breaking it up with fingers I've found it pretty easy to just use 2 standard forks when its to hot for the fingers.  Usually smoked well enough it just falls apart anyway.  

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Plan on ribberfest not sure about bean blossom! have to work my schedule around my medical appt. had said alot about it on here but was diagnosed with a form of cancer in my lymphnodes & been taking chemo treatments so drags me down for about a week!! The way my schedule falls should be good for ribberfest though! Was gonna try french lick but gotta work that friday & Saturday got a guy off here at the store!

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