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Bad Timing

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Well after months of unsuccessul searching for a propane tank for my last build, which I ended up using a fuel tank.  I finally get some info today about someone wanting to sell one.  They have a 100 gallon LP tank (actually 180 gallons) that they were going to build a smoker out of until they realized how much it would cost.  Now this guy is asking me if I want to buy it from him.  Well hells ya I want it for my next build, but I am not desperate for it.  What to do?


As typing this thread, I just got a text saying he would like $100 plus some pulled pork for it.  LOL.  I think that is fair and I would have done it a few months ago, but I don't know what to do now.  Maybe I will lowball him a bit.  

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Offer $50 and a hotdog, make him forget about the price and work for the pulled pork !!!

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i'm with mossymo... LOL! seriously that sounds like a perty good deal, it would almost be worth gettin just to have for future builds

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I may do the $50 and even throw in the PP.  I have been wanting to another batch of PP anyway and since I buy the butts two at a time, I won't have to freeze one.  I got family vacation coming up next week so I told him I would have to wait till after that to see if I have any cash left.

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Well I never did send a counter offer on the tank yet, but I got one from him tonight.  He offered the tank to me for free.  But there is a catch.  I will have to go cook for a big Octorberfest party he has every year.  I have a couple good friends that know this guy (brother-in-law to one of them) and they say the party is a good time and this guy is pretty cool.  So I think I will be taking him up on this offer.


hmmm, now what am I going to do with this tank?  I am thinking a mini trailer build.

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I think that is a fine deal so long as he is buying all the meat. Even if you are cooking for a couple hundred people you are not  gonna spend to terrible much on supplies.


You may even pick up a few people that want a slab or two every so often. Might make enough side cash to fund your next build.

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ya Tom, he will pay for all the supplies and I was thinking the same thing about the extra stuff.  His parties will be free, but if someone else like the food and want their party done, I won't be for free.

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Hhmmmm, tip jar set near your smoker?

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It's amazing how the party festivities always migrate to the smoker when the door opens.

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Originally Posted by MossyMO View Post

Hhmmmm, tip jar set near your smoker?

haha, maybe not the first go around.  but then again??


I guess this guy is a partyer.  He has a separate building in his back yard that is his personal bar.   he has arcades and a bunch of other stuff.  So this could be a fun all nighter if I bring my helpers with me.  One of those party before the party kinda deals.

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