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Meatloaves two different versions

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Made two meatloaves using the same basic recipe but tweaked one for me.  The tweaked one is on the left.




The standard recipe I use calls for bbq sauce but I used mild salsa instead and added some New Mexico chilie powder to the basic recipe. For mine I also added some Ancho chilie powder and a couple of shakes of hot sauce as well as some shredded cheddar cheese. Cooked up a little bit to taste, turned out pretty good. Will be interesting to see what the peanut galllery thinks of it.

Went into the Brinkmann along with the CB. Using oak and keeping the temp to around 225.


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Hi Dawn,


   They look fantastic...Let us know how they turn out...I am doing my first lazy man meatloaf today. I used two lbs ground beef, 1 can rotel original, two eggs and a cup or so of italian bread crumbs. Will go on the smoker in a couple of hours or so for supper tonight...

I use a heinz 57 mix for my glaze...

   I really like the idea of the smokeys pet said, its already mixed in there for ya..


Thanks for posting.



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Looks good Dawn!

  just got back from breakfast at craker barrel w/ rick an sandie but i bet i'll get hungry again when i see the finished pics.

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Those both look good!!!

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they do look god, can't wait to see how they turn out.  I like putting some bbq sauce in mine

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lol not god but good, I need to proof read my posts

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Both definitely look tasty. I'll take a slice of each, please!

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Pulled them out at 160.  Smells yummy, looks good, nice and moist.  The vultures are swarming already. 



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They all went for the tweaked meatloaf and went back for seconds.  No one even touched the regular one.  Hubby and younger son said it was the best one yet, older son just shrugged.  

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Well I'm glad some of the faily likes them. Maybe the other son will like the sammies better I know I would. They are some of the best too. 

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