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Ribs take Two

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Well my first shot at ribs sucked pretty bad, going with a much better looking cut of meat this time.  Using Maple lump charcoal with apple wood chunks, 2-2-1 method, and plenty of cold beer.  Here is a shot when they came out of the fridge from sitting all night with Jeff's rub and another shot just before going in after some apple juice spritzing. 




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looks good so far, waiting to see the finished Q

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Looks like a good start good luck with the smoke

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Just wrapped them in foil with some more apple juice spritz, a little butter, and a touch of brown sugar. Gonna make up some of jeffs sauce now and get that ready for the final hour!

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Sounds great!  Waiting to hear how they taste and the final qview.  

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Definitely looks like you're off to a good start. Nice work on those racks!

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Out of the foil and back into the smoke!



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They look great so far -- I think that you'll be happy with these!

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Well, they are done and I gotta say they look a ton better than last weekend's attempt (those were spare ribs) I have them wrapped in foil, towels, and in the cooler until I get the rest of dinner together. All in all, a nice day of smokin' and drinkin'



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First time trying Jeff's rub and sauce together...can not wait to taste!!!

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Yummmmm !  Wish I some of that right now. Looks tasty. Enjoy !

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You have nothing but jealousy from me!!

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Originally Posted by dauntless View Post

All in all, a nice day of smokin' and drinkin'



I gotta agree...smokin & drinkin always makes for a nice day!  


Those ribs are looking great!

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I hope they taste as good as they look! The salad is made, the corn is on the grill, almost time to unwrap the ribs!!

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Smokin' and drinkin', that is what it is all about!!! 

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They came out really good, I think I could have had them in a touch longer. I did not get alot of "pull back" exposing the bones but they were very moist and the rub/sauce combo was a hit!

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What temps did you smoke at? Maybe a little more time in the foil?

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temps maintened very steady around 230-240. I only had them in the foil for about 1.5hrs, then pulled them and had them in the smoke for another 1.5 hours. 5 hours total.  Next time I will leave them in the foil for 2

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