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UDS questions?

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I founds some food grade barrels for $10 each, and planning on buying at least two (going to build one for my Dad too).  I was thinking about it a little, and was wondering if anyone has ever built a gas, or electric UDS?  I will probably stick with charcoal for myself, but was thinking for $10 dollors a piece maybe buying a couple extra to play with as gas and/or electric.  I thought I'd get some others' thoughts and ideas on here too first.

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It'd be a nice experiment.

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I thought about a smaller barrel for a electric snack stik smoker but my UDS works so well at it so I dropped that idea.

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I think both could be made to work but you would not have the same effect that you get when the dripping land in the coals and vaporize back up and into the meat.


The charcoal is really easy after you find the sweet spot as far as how much to light and about where the valves run.


10 lbs get me well over 20 hours and if I use lump I dont have to shake the basket.

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Sure it can be done.  A electric one would be great fer a low temp smoker ta make sausage, ham an bacon.  Specially if ya added a smoke generator.


But a UDS works so well in there stock form I just ain't messed with it.  There very economical an easy ta use runnin charcoal.  Plus the taste a the meat is excellent.  Yer not gonna get the same taste with gas er electric yer gonna get whith charcoal on a UDS just due ta the nature a the beast.


Lots a possibilities, give em a try.

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