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Masterbuilt 40" with glass window

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Can u use traeger pellets in the shoot where wood chip go. I'm not gettin enough smoke with tab baffle open all the way with 24 hr soaked wood chips.
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Why are you soaking them so long?  The reason for soaking (as I understand it) is just to keep them from flaring up.  Soaking that long would probably bleed all the flavor out of them too.

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The answer is can use Traeger pellets in the MES...they will produce quite a bit of smoke at first but then settle down to a nice medium smoke....  you don't soak pellets at all...


I usually onl;y soak may chip a few minutes before use....I have had no problem with flare up and they produce a good emount of smoke..!




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There is no need to soak chips at all for the MES.

 have used my 40 at least every other week for over a year and have never soaked chips.

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When I use the wood chip tray on my MES I use just a very small handfull and usually end up putting more in every 20 to 30 minutes. I try not to use a lot of chips and I never soak them. If you think about it... the heat just dries out the wood chips and they start back where they would have been before you soaked them. I tried the soaking thing when I first started out smoking and I just never saw the advantage of soaking. An added step I eliminated from my method.

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My stories the same as PignIt, Started soaking in the beginning, then quit and haven't looked back.

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