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My 1st Brisket - Que view

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Longtime reader, first time photo poster...did my 1st brisket and a pork butt...enjoy! 

I will post pics of the butt in the pork section...


Thanks to all the "pros" that have shared some get instructions and tips; it made doing this very easy and enjoyable.



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Please share with me how to post pics on this forum...Thanks!



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With the new forum setup the easiest way is to just upload it here.


There's an insert image button on the toolbar and then you just browse to it.

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Upload Pic 1.png


Once you select the Insert Image icon the following popup will appear.  Locate the file location, select the file and select ok.

Upload Pic 2.png

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Or you can use the "Image URL" tab and use your PhotoBucket links.






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Hmm, worked in the preview but then it lost them..

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Not sure if there is some technical difficulties going on with the forum today maybe?  Every time I go to reply to a post the reply box is all grayed out and I have to hit the preview button once or twice to get to a message box I can type in.  

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the links work for me...

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Nice smoke ring on that brisket! 

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