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All kinds of first for me, with a lots of QView

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Saturday was the party, so the real fun began Friday night.  This was my first all nighter, first butts, first brisket and first time using my new smoker.



It started Friday night with a few friends out at our farm.  Got the smoker fired up and the meat is on at 10:30pm.  In the smoker sits 4 butts, a shoulder and a brisket.  Nothing really done to the meat except a rub. (Jeff's Rib Rub).  Forgot the a pic of the meat as going on.  But is the official start pic of my new smoker.  Fire is just hickory and oak.





So now its just sitting around with friends by lantern light.  Later on with the smell of the smoker, we were all getting very hungry.  I had some hamburger in the cooler that I was going to cook up the next day.  Well we couldn't wait any longer.  So I decided to treat the guys to some cheese burgers.  Our version anyway.  So I made up a couple half pound patties and put them together with some everyday american cheese and season all.  Making a one pound burger of happiness.





Well its now 2am and everyone has their belly's full and its getting to me time to start thinking about breakfast.  This farm isn't close to anything so we have to fend for ourselves for food.  I decided to treat the guys again with a feast for breakfast.  So around 3:30 I started frying some eggs for a breakfast fattie.  With some grease from some chopped bacon, I fried some scrambled eggs.  I left the bacon in the pan of course.  The fatties consists of scrambled eggs/bacon, peperjack cheese and diced taters.  But thats not all.  I wanted to try some smoked sausage gravy.  Around 5:30am I started the sausage on the grill.  Then I put it in a foil pan and put it in the smoker for about an hour.  When the sausage was smoked, it was off to be combined with some flour and milk.  This breakfast is something special for us but we have a couple pieces of bread, slice of the fattie, a couple eggs over easy and all covered in a generous helping of smoked sausage gravy.  Yes, it was good.  But I am not sure I real convinced of the smoked gravy.  





So now its back to waiting on the pork and brisket.  Nothing exciting happened anymore except everyone doing a little fishing and trying to keep ours eyes open.  So fast forward to some slicing and pulling.  


When everything hit around 170-180 degrees, I decided to pan it all.  It all got up to the 200 range where I then foiled everything for resting time.  Thats when we all left and went home.  Time for a much needed shower and nap.  So here are the pics of the rest.  The brisket for sliced and all the pork was pulled.  The brisket got done early so its not in the pics on the smoker.








All and all the smoke was a huge success and the whole party loved it.  The pork smoked for about 14 hours while the brisket was around 10 (it was small)



Here is my favorite shot.  The sun just coming up behind us.  Thanks SMF for another successful smoke.



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i dont know what i like more...the food or the smoker

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that all looks good

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Thanks Fellas

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That's the way to jump in w/ both feet!

 Everything looks good.

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That looked like a great weekend with some great food! Stuffed hamburgers and a fatty is on my short list!  Nice looking rig you got there too!  Thanks for sharing a great Qview!  

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Not only does that food look incredible, that is a very sexy smoker!!! Thanks for the Qview!!!




Johnny K.

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Great job all around! Smoker looks great and so does the food!

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Congrats on a successful 1st run, your smoke rings are solid and perfect !!!

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Man! All that meat looks great!  I'm definitely going to have to try the stuffed burger, that thing looked awesome. 


Thanks for posting!

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  looks so good it made me want to cry

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I love it when a plan comes together !






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Matt, great looking smoke session. What a great way to spend some time with friends.  I do a Goumet Cowboy Gravy that is a meal in it's self-MMmmm!

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Nice job on the smoker and the qview. 

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dang wish i was your friend that weekend......

 nicely done but i am new at this as well

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